How to use Coupon & Deals

When browsing through coupons on our site, you might come across a button like “Show Code” :

Step 1, Click it, and you’ll open up a window that displays a coupon or promo code—a special code consisting of letters and numbers you can use to get a discount or deal on the merchant’s website.

Step 2, Click ” Visit Our Store “, and you will redirect to the retailer store products

Step 3, Proceed to “Check Out” During checkout, look for a box near your order total labeled “Coupon Code,” “Promo Code”, or other variation the merchant might use.

Step 4, Enter the Coupon code you have copied, and paste here to apply for the discount

Step 5, Enjoy your Savings.

When browsing through deals on our site, you maight come across a button like ” Buy On Amazon”
Click the button, you will redirect to the Amazon merchant product page, and complete the purchase by whatever you like.