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Who we are?

Finding the right product can be hard and time-consuming,Coupondealsplace is a great place to find Amazing Deals on lighting. Our mission is to make lighting purchasing decisions easier for you. Our goal is to create a single ultimate savings destination where you can save time and money every day.

Using strategic promotions, deals, and discounts, engage consumers and influence purchase decisions both online and in-store.
We not only filter the best products and services for you through our buying guides, but we also provide a detailed breakdown of each one in our individual reviews.

We want to be your one-stop shop for comprehensive, in-depth product reviews of the top brands and models of lighting products on the market, as well as directing you to the best prices on the internet.

How we work?

We’ve assembled a team of writers and reviewers with specialized skills and expertise, as well as a group of editors with extensive knowledge of the lighting industry. We are delighted to point you to the best choice and reasonable price for you what you buy after hours of work on analyzing, reviewing, and testing lighting items.

How we make money?

In most cases, we make money when you click a link and purchase a product. We will be paid a small percentage of what you paid in what is known as a ‘affiliate fee.’ We will not try to persuade you to buy one product over another or to go to a specific retailer because affiliate fees are generally standard. We want to make certain that you receive the best product or service for your needs.

Our goal

Coupondealsplace works hard to help you save money and time. and create a good lighting resource integration between lighting suppliers and consumers, resulting in a balance of supply and needs.

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